Dee Ellus

Dee Ellus music has been described as Surf Pop, country rock, Beatle-esque and world music fused together. Dee Ellus writes all his own songs, with occasional help from some talented song writers.

If you are a fan of the Beatles, and Billy Joel LISTEN TO SAMPLES to hear some FUN Surf POP tunes. 

Dee Ellus album “The Crossing” is out now on CD and Download.

Dee Ellus kick-started his music performances by jamming with members of Australian Sunbury Legends, Carson. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carson_(band)

Dee Ellus has written many songs in the 1990s with Bi-2 member Shura Bi-2, a legendary Rock band in Russia. last.fm/music/Би-2

Dee Ellus “The Crossing” was Produced at Bounce Studios http://bouncestudios.com.au/ and T-Bone Tunes Recording studio where it was also mastered. The top engineer at T-Bone Tunes, Tony Salter has worked with Amy Winehouse, and many big names in London. Tony’s experience inspired Dee Ellus’s passion. www.tbonetunes.com/

Dee Ellus has opened shows for successful Australian Country band, The Fry Brothers. www.thefrybrothers.com/

(stay tuned for upcoming gigs!)

“The Crossing” is now available on CD and download. (Dee Ellus wrote all the lyrics and music on “The Crossing” CD, except “As Good As It Gets” by Dee Ellus & Paul J. Penton [http://www.pauljpenton.com], and “Dead End Street” by Dee Ellus & Shane Timmo.

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Full track: Fairytale Love – The Crossing Album (Written and performed by by Dee Ellus)

Full track: Uncertain Times – The Crossing Album (Written and performed by by Dee Ellus)